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800Ml Rechargeable Electric Portable Blender With Dual Lid (GCT-JUCIERW-SC/GCT-JUSICERG-SC)
Large Capacity Sports Juice Cup: Perfect for outdoor activities, never stop hydrating with fresh-squeezed juice in high volume. The combination of large capacity and juice extraction doubles the nutrition and freshness!

Portable Juice Maker-It is the perfect on-the-go companion for travel, gym, picnic, camping or home use. The portable juice cup can make fresh smoothie, fruit juices and vegetable drinks anytime and anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors, supplement vitamin C after exercise, and make freshly squeezed juice during camping and picnics

Dual Lid : (Direct Drinking Lid) 800ml for direct drinking (Juicing Lid) 500ml for juicing. Enjoy a variety of juices while switching lids at will, indulge in fresh fruits with ease.

Powerful Blending: Equipped with 10 stainless steel blades and a strong motor for rapid spiral blending, effortlessly create smooth textures even with ice cubes turning into slush.

Long-lasting Battery Life: Featuring a universal Type-C charging port for easy recharging. Built-in high-capacity 2400mAh lithium battery can juice up to 7 cups on a full charge.

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