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Emergency Fire Blanket (LJF-FIRBLANK-SC)
FIRE BLANKET FOR HOME AND KITCHEN: Fire blankets can help people in a sudden fire in time to put out a fire, when the fire is uncontrollable, a fire blanket can be draped over the body to isolate the heat, help quickly out of the fire, the family needs to be equipped with a fire blanket in case of emergency.

EXTINGUISH VARIOUS FIRES: Whether it is a liquid and grease fire, or other types of fires, such as electrical fires, kitchen fires and car fires, fireproof blanket can easily deal with. Emergency fire blanket is ideal for kitchens, fireplaces, grills, cars, camping, etc.

SAFETY STANDARDS & FIBERGLASS: Fire blanket is made of 100% fiberglass. It composed of multiple layers of fiberglass fabric and a flame-resistant coating to enhance its flame-retardant properties which can stand high temperature up to 550°c. This fire blanket meets ASTM-F1989-2005 standard.

EASY TO USE & STORAGE: If there is a fire source, lightly pull the strap, unfold the blanket and quickly throw the blanket onto the fire source, cover the flames and wait for the fire to subside. Easy to use, the elderly and children can use it directly. Inches and folds for easy storage and can be hung anywhere you need it with 3M metal hook.

REUSABLE: The thickened material of this fire-retardant blankets can efficiently stop the burning and spreading of fire, and will not produce secondary pollution after use, no cleaning, placed in a ventilated place to dry, and can be reused when there is no breakage or oil stains.

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