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4 in 1 Rodent Repellent 360° Ultrasonic with 9 Strobe Lights (SVT-UR02S-SC)
Three Sided Infrared Sensor: the rat repellent ultrasonic indoors with three speakers emits powerful ultrasonic sounds and pulse waves that disrupt the brain system of those unwanted critters; With 9 LED flashing lights, the rodent deterrent device disturbs their activity in the dark, causing extreme irritation to rodents and pests, compelling them to flee from your home, car

3 Efficient Mouse Repellent Modes: the ultrasonic wave has 1 fixed frequency and 3 switchable ultrasonic wave modes, which can emit variable frequency ultrasonic waves and fixed frequency ultrasonic waves at the same time, as well as night flashes, which can effectively repel mice, squirrels, bats, cockroaches and other pests; The frequency wave generated by the mouse repeller is intermittently changing, so it is difficult for mice to adapt to it and develop immunity

PIR Motion Sensor: our mouse repeller has three infrared motion sensors, which will detect the approach of mice and start ultrasonic and flash light work, which can immediately scare away mice and achieve the purpose of driving away mice, interfering with the rodent's vision; A motion sensor allows the 9 LED flashes to activate when the mouse approaches without disturbing the surrounding environment and people's sleep

360° Coverage: the mouse repellent plug in is effective within an indoor area up to 1300 sq ft; It's widely applied in homes, attic, warehouses, offices, gardens, hotels, RV or any indoor place; We recommend that you install a bat deterrent devices in every room for better results
Safe and Easy to Use: the rat and mice repellent ultrasonic adopts ultrasonic technology, which will not bother your children and your pets; Just plug in repellent into the socket, and it will start working; Do not need to clean up dead pests, no bad smell and corpses

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