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Self-Adhesive Socket Retainer (Pack Of 3) (SHC-SOCKET3-SC)
Self-Adhesive Desktop Socket Fixer---This product is designed with plug-in I-type card slot, which is easy to take and use. Acrylic back glue, strong adhesive, not easy to fall off, smooth sliding, stable and durable. A small appearance has a great effect, letting you say goodbye to messy wires and keep the table and table clean and orderly.

Clever Sliding Design-The extension block can still be removed and reattached by sliding it off the adhesive pad holder. One side of the adhesive pad is fixed to the chosen surface and the other side is movable and slides on and off.

High Quality Materials--This product is made of thickened ABS material, durable, non-toxic, and easy to use. With acrylic back glue, it is strongly pasted and not easy to drop. Easy to install, suitable for most smooth surfaces, easy to clean and integrate into life.

Installation Instructions---1. Tear off the acrylic stickers and stick them on a retainer. 2. Stick the retainer on the clean wall. 3. The other side of the retainer is pasted on the row plug. 4. Slide the row insert along the guide rail to the bottom. 5. Installation is complete. The installation is very simple and fast, which allows you to say goodbye to messy wires.

Widely Used-The product is applicable to the smooth wall surface of kitchen, bathroom, office, bedroom wall, glass, ceramic tile, etc. It can fix the distribution board, remote control, tissue box, router, adapter, row plug, etc. Attention should be paid not to use it on painted walls and cloth background walls with poor adsorption, which cannot be touched and easily damage the wall.

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