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Telescopic Aluminium Alloy Walking Stick With Led Light (SJB-15FC15BK-SC/ SJB-15FC15BR-)
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Comfort Sturdy: Walking stick stand up on its own, the cane made of aluminum alloy, provides maximum safety and endurance while remaining lightweight. Use a soft handle grip in combination with a handy wrist strap that offers the best comfort and support, non-slip, relieve pressure from wrist and prevent muscle cramping.

With Led Light: Built-in LED Lights to light up the way when walking at night. The bright lights will safely guide you in dark. We provide you a lighted elderly crutch, you can use to safely walk around confidently! Our premium walking cane with flashlight makes your life safer easier!

Safety Slip Resistant: Adjustable cane has a slip-resistant rubber tip at the bottom prevents fall and keeps you safe. The 360 degree rotatable pivoting quad base provides additional traction and stability so that the cane does not slip if you are on wet pavement or in all terrain, giving you the flexibility to walk, run and turn easily. Safely supporting up to 250 pounds, this sturdy cane will support you throughout your daily life.

10 Heights Adjustment-the walking cane Seat Features 10 Different Heights. the User Can Easily Adjust the Height from 73Cm to 98Cm.

Perfect Item: Height adjustable, portable, with LED Light, soft foam grip handle, slip-resistant rotatable pivoting quad base. The great classic walking cane make you easily walk any type of terrain indoor outdoor like park, in the rain, or snow, comfortable and safety.

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