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Multipurpose Cleaning System Scap And Facial Massager (STB-TB1718-SC)
SCALP MASSAGE & CLEANSING SYSTEM-Give your scalp and face the care it deserves. Featuring three different attachments, this 3-in-1 system gives your scalp a soothing massage and cleanses your skin better 6X better than hands alone

THREE ATTACHMENTS-This soothing and revitalizing massaging system includes two scalp massage attachments and one facial cleansing brush to reduce stress levels and smooth the skin

Soft & vigorous scalp massage head-The silicone massage head features soft touchpoints to relieve tension and fatigue. The vigorous massage head promotes blood flow helping to improve scalp vitality

Facial cleansing brush head-The facial cleansing brush head features silky and soft bristles to gently cleanse the skin. The sonic vibration helps to gently push the bristles into the pores to remove impurities, excess oil, and makeup residues

8 Customizable Intensities-A powerful device with eight adjustable intensity levels to personalize any massage experience and cleansing routine. Use a lower setting for a gentle massage, and go up a few intensities for a more intense experience

WATERPROOF DESIGN-Convenient and easy to clean

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