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Rechargeable/Portable Trifold Led Make-Up Mirror (SJY-SM363-SC)
High-Definition LED Light Makeup Mirror- made of high-quality ABS and glass, which is more high definition and durable than normal plastic mirrors. With built in 64 LED light beads (32 white light beads, 32 yellow light beads). LED Light Makeup Mirror solves the problem of makeup in dark environment, can support you to keep the best make up for work, for date, for parties.

Dimmable LED Lights-High performance and eye protection LEDs provide super bright lighting even in extremely dim environments. Just touch the screen to get the brightness you want. Tri fold mirrors are adjustable 3 color modes: cold light, warm light, natural light to ensure your makeup looks suitable for different occasions: office, outdoor, party.

1X/3X/7X magnification-1X main mirror and right mirror are perfect for viewing your true size. The 3X/7X left magnifying glass is perfect for detailed viewing, allowing you to apply eyeliner, eyelashes, eyebrows, lipstick to perfect your makeup for a perfect finish
ď‚·Rechargeable-Women lighted vanity mirror with built-in 1000mh lithium battery. Once the LED cosmetic mirror is fully charged, you can use it wirelessly. Save on battery replacement costs. USB port for charging. The included micro-USB cable can be easily charged via power bank and USB adapter source.

Rotating & Portable-The tabletop trifold makeup mirror can be freely adjusted to create a perfect and optional viewing angle, you can sit or stand up to make up, suitable for bedroom. The foldable design makes the mirror compact and easy to carry, suitable for travel, keeping you beautiful at all times.

The 3-way mirror allows you to use it in different ways as needed like holding it in your hand, hanging on a wall or stand on the top of the table.

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