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Rapid Thawing Plate (SHC-THAWPLAT-SC)
FASTER COOKING-With thicker, better thermal conductivity, and faster-defrosting speed, this aluminum thawing plate allows frozen food to defrost faster than natural defrosting without using water or microwave.

TASTIER COOKING-Because it does not use water or microwave, it maintains its original taste without destroying the food's taste, color, and texture.

SAFE AND EASY TO DEFROST- Defrosting starts by simply placing frozen food on the defrosting tray without any special manipulation. As the thawing speed is faster than that of natural thawing, defrosting with a round tray is safer than normal defrosting.

EASY TO CLEAN-Without groove or silicone, you can wash dishes quickly and cleanly. It can also be used in a dishwasher.

HIGH-QUALITY ALUMINUM-has excellent thermal conductivity, enabling heat exchange between frozen food and air. It can achieve effects such as natural defrosting quickly without using electricity.

REBMOVABLE NON SLIP SILICONE PADSSS- it comes with 4 non-slip pads that can be lifted for easy movement and allow the thawing plate have space for air flow circulation that can speed up thawing process.

NON-STICKY AND SMOOTH SURFACE-Thawed meat does not stick and is easy to remove from the surface.

SIMPLE ONE STEP USE-Just set it on the kitchen counter, set your desired frozen food on top, and watch the magic happen!

DIMENSION-It is 23x16.5cm and can defrost many foods at the same time in family size.

TIP-The wider the contact surface with this aluminum, the faster the defrosting speed. Flat, wide frozen food is more effective.

Price: $30.90
You Save: $20.85
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