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Large Shopping Cart 75L With Climbing Wheels (ZYN-YN8803-SC)
Sturdy & Durable - Our collapsible shopping cart is made of high-quality materials, the body is made of environmentally friendly PP material and the handle is aluminum alloy, which will not rust and the safe vertical load-bearing range is 80kg, and the tie rod reserves less than1.5° swing space for smoother pulling

Foldable and Adjustable Handle- When it is not in use, it can be folded into a very small size to save space. The length of the handle can be adjusted for people of different heights and ages, making it ideal for carrying books, classroom supplies, documents, toys, food, miscellaneous items and more

Easy-to-climb Rear Wheels: The rear wheel is designed with oversized tri-wheels to easily go up or go down the stairs. When climbing stairs, there is no need to carry the shopping cart by hand. In order to maintain the service life of the cart, we recommend that the shopping cart must be in front of people when going down the stairs. Two-front wheels with brake button can prevent the dolly from sliding when not use.

Price: $108.99
You Save: $64.49
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