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Multipurpose Emergency Disposable Urinal Bag (SET OF 4) (HTC-HLOU2-SC)
Multi-occasion emergency pee bag - the multi-purpose emergency urine bag can be used in multiple occasions such as car-sickness, vomiting, traffic jams and all outdoor activities like hiking, camping, kayaking and others. This portable urinal bag is designed for unisex, perfect for anyone (kid/adult/elderly/pregnant woman) to use whenever they need.

Flexible Unisex design – The spout opening of this disposable pee bag is anatomically designed that fit children and adult (both male and female). The opening is made of soft material and has an anti-drop design that supports one-handed operation which lets you use it more comfortably.

Portable and Compact Urinal Bag- Disposable urine bags are designed in separate small packages, which are easy to carry. It is foldable and compact enough to put in your pocket, purse, handbag, while will not take up much space
Leak-proof-Urine bags for travel are made of secure, impermeable polyethylene and are designed with a seal that locks in the liquid and prevents it from leaking. Therefore, it is very convenient when you use it in an emergency.

High-quality materials-Using high-quality polymer SPA, it can absorb urine, vomit or other liquid waste, and quickly solidify into an odorless gel-like substance. The urinary mouth adopts environmentally friendly IXPE, which is soft and skin-friendly, safe and hygienic.

High capacity - Emergency portable urine bag capacity is about 700 ml. The urine can be absorbed the liquid into the gel within 60 seconds.
Warm Tips: Travel urinal bag is easy to use, just open the urinal bag, then use it. The two WHITE little packets inside the urinal bag are polymers (WHEN USE, NO NEED TO OPEN, NO NEED EMPTY IT), and can be absorbed into the Liquid into the gel within 60 seconds.

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