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The Ultimate Shoe Scuff Eraser (SHOEERASERSC)
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Effective Shoes Cleaning Eraser-Our high-quality clean eraser quickly and effectively removes dirt from all colors of shoes, and can effectively keep your white sneakers shiny white!

Physical Cleaning-It has strong cleaning ability, whitening, footwear decontamination eraser uses physical decontamination principle, quickly removes dust and dirt, double-effect clean, contains polished particles inside, reshapes and polishes during cleaning Leather shoes.

Easy to Carry Around-Small and easy to carry around, you can simply put in your pocket and use it anywhere when needed.

No Water and Brush Needed-Gently rub the shoes where the dirt is noticeable, Solve the problems of your daily cleaning shoes.

Widely Used-Cloth, suede, leather, and canvas, can be used in a timely manner to clean more effectively! Exclusive for sports shoe canvas, the dirt will be rubbed off and the shoes will be as good as new.

Out of Stock

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