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Identity Theft Prevention Security Stamp With Ceramic Cutter Kit ( DJO-ITPSTAMP-SC)
2-IN-1 PRACTICAL FUNCTION- security stamp is designed with a retractable blade, enabling you to open the parcel effortlessly, and cover your information after taking out the items; The blade is easy to extend and retract
GREAT ALTERNATIVE to A SHREDDER: Paper can be recycled after using roller stamp, no need for a shredder.
MULTI APPLICATIONS- security stamp can suffice your needs for covering information such as receiving addresses, tax documents, social security numbers, bank statements, spam, billing address, and more. Just roll the stamp gently, and no need for noisy shredders
SUPER WIDE COVERAGE DESIGN – 30mm wide roller is perfect for covering large swaths of private information in a quick, no need for multiple passes to block your info, one single stroke is enough.
GOOD TIME SAVER- Ink quickly dries. Stamp works well on all regular paper, envelopes and package addresses. One swipe and the info is covered, no need to go for a shredder.
UNLIMITED RE-INKING - Comes with 1 10ml ink refill, ink can be refilled in the security protection roller stamp side when ink runs out. Normal water-based ink does not offer same protection.

Price: $15.99
You Save: $10.49
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