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Pro Multi-function Food Chopper-The Onion chopper can be used for slicing and shredding of different thicknesses. The food chopper has 3 easily replaceable blades for variety options, one fine shredding blade(3.5mm), one coarse shredding blade(7mm), and one slicing blade(front:2mm, back:4mm), you can easily slice and shred fruits, vegetables and frozen meat into different thicknesses, like having professional chefs in your kitchen.

Easy to Operate and Clean- The bottom of the kitchen chopper is made of a silicone non-slip mat, which is safe and stable. Push-down handle design makes operation easier. The blade of the microtome is detachable and can be rinsed directly after use. Please do not touch the blade with your hands to prevent scratches, and do not put it in the dishwasher for cleaning! The vegetable cutter must be used in the fresh-keeping box, please do not put it on the cutting board and other places.

Convenient & Safe-This mandolin slicer prevents your hands from touching the blade, protecting your fingers and avoiding the risk of injury. Seasoning & spice choppers can be completely disassembled. It can be cleaned directly with a brush or water, and it is very easy to remove food residues from the blades and food dicer cutter.
Save Time-Learn to cook and stay away from the worries that fast food brings to you. Use our vegetable slicer every day to choose the matching blade according to your dietary preferences, shred or slice (thin or thick), and operate Very simple, faster and safer than cutting with a knife and save you more time. A healthy lifestyle is to spend a little time doing what you like and develop a good habit.

High Quality -Multi-purpose chopper and slicer built with high-quality materials, 420 stainless steel blades, and food-grade BPA-free materials for durability. No bending and rusting. A vegetable chopper suitable for many occasions, as a kitchen helper, it can be used in family kitchens, restaurants, and outdoor camping. They can also be given to family and friends as kitchen gifts or family gifts.

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