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Foguard Anti Fog Cloth for Glasses (SET OF 2) (ANTIFOGCLTHSET)
Foguard Antifog Cloth uses super Hydrophilic and Microfiber Nanotechnology that helps the surface of the glasses become intimate with water (vapor drops). When the super hydrophilic layer is strongly formed on the surface, it prevents the formation of fog by spreading water vapors thinly. Simply said, it really does prevent fog. Scientifically said.

Works for All lenses: If your lens has lower surface energy due to special coating such as hydrophobic or easy-clean coating, you may have experienced that almost anti-fog clothes do not work. However, our high-performing formula overcomes the low surface energy and perfectly works for any lens.

Excellent fog resistance: Breath testing alone should not judge a product's functionality. Foguard® products last a long time in anti-fogging even in high-humidity or extreme temperature changes.
Long Lasting & Multi Purpose-How long does the magic work? One wipe=About 8-12 hours. A single pack of Foguard Anti Fog Cloth will last about 200 wipes and about 6 months overall.
Safe on AR lens AR (anti-reflective) coating is a nanoscale ultra-thin layer. The coating film is often flaked off in the case of AR coating with weak alcohol resistance. Our dry-type anti-fog cloths do not affect even weak AR coating lenses, unlike disposable anti-fog cloths soaked in alcohol.

HAZARD / NANO SILICA FREE - We are PFOA free, which is a cancer causing agent, guaranteed by REACH(SVHC) from SGS, providing inspection and certification services from Europe as well as by KCL (Korea Conformity Lab). We are also nano silica free that can occur scratches on the surface of glasses while using.

Multiple Purpose: All eyeglasses, Sunglasses, Sports goggles, Industrial goggles, Motorcycle helmets, Camera lenses, and more.

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