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LED 3.5X Magnifying Glass Magnifier Nail Clipper (DWF-8028-SC)
PROFESSIONAL NAIL CLIPPERS: Stainless steel nail clippers are both durable and strong. Precise trim, hand-polished cutting edges provide you with a smooth and clean cut. A properly aligned blade helps prevent cracking and cracking of the nail.

ERGONOMICAL DESIGN: Easy-to-grip handles and finger silicone pads provide comfortable and relaxing care, easy to grasp and reduce fatigue, and effectively solve the risk of getting hurt while trimming finger nails. The bottom nail file can be repaired quickly.

3.5X MAGNIFYING LENS: K9 optical lens with 3.5X magnification, Nail clipper amplifies subtle details and gives you clear view; Safe nail clipping tool for toddlers to seniors and for pets. The upper lens can be removed to be used as an ordinary magnifying glass.

With Magnifying Glass Light: The light is soft and not dazzling, and it can easily cut nails in dark places or at night. The 3.5x magnifying glass has a clear vision, so that the elderly or low vision people will no longer worry about cutting their nails. They can see the details of the fingers and nails through the magnifying glass light.

Magnetic Separation Design: The cover of the magnifying glass effectively prevents the nail scraps from splashing around during the nail cutting process. It is easy to disassemble and clean. The magnifying glass can be detached and used separately, and it is compact to carry in the bag,pocket.

ATTACHED NAIL FILE /CURVED CLIPPING EDGE: Keeps your nails looking their best and soft by filing your nails properly with Nail Clipper

A big file is located on the bottom to polish nails.
Battery included (CR2016 *2)

Price: $35.90
You Save: $23.40
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