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Rfid Anti-Theft Aluminium Wallet (FIL-1201-SC)
Weighing just two and a half ounces, this sleek, lightweight aluminum wallet keeps all of your cards separated and safe from RFID signals.

With the ability to hold credit cards, debit cards, business cards, IDs, public transportation cards, rewards cards, gift cards, etc., you'll be able to clearly and easily see everything you have available to you at a quick glance. Although the wallet features seven separate slots, it can accommodate up to ten cards.
ï‚·The push-button release makes it effortless to open the wallet with your thumb so you're not fumbling with a latch or snap button. The bright colors and patterns also allow you to easily find it in your purse or handbag.
ï‚·Additionally, it integrates RFID-blocking technology so that your information isn't being scanned without your knowing.

Keep your cards organized and safe with this durable but lightweight aluminum wallet.

Please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ykh7mX_3Lw for video demonstration

7 card slots

Accordion-style compartments for quick viewing and easy access

4in x 2.5in x 0.5in

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