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Portable Rechargeable Cordless Massager Warm Belt (LFK-AS-001-P-SC / LFK-AS-001-W)
Intelligent Design: The cordless massager warm belt use the newly upgraded graphene far-infrared heating technology, the latest graphene heating chip to emit far infrared heat and provide warmth to the body. It only takes three seconds to heat up and increase body temperature to soothe and relieve physical discomfort such as waist and abdomen pain, lower back pain, arthritic, menstrual pain etc.

3 Adjustable Massage Method: This heating pad device uses USB charging which is more convenient. It has three different adjustable temperatures and three different high frequency vibration frequencies, you can choose the mode accordingly to your needs to achieve the ultimate comfort.

Blood circulation: Relaxing body, comfortable electric heating pad provide soothing heating therapy for cramps like abdomen, knees, legs etc. effectively relieve muscle tension and fatigue, promoting blood circulation.

Ergonomic Design: The heated belt is made of high quality soft fabric, which is light and breathable, comfortable and warm when it is close to the skin, it does not stimulate the skin and can dissipate heat evenly. The high elastic belt can quickly adjust the waistband, suitable for all waist circumferences

Widely Application: You can use this product in different scenarios, whether you are resting, reading, driving or working. After using this warm belt, it can effectively relieve your physical discomfort.

New improvement: From hot water bottles to warm waist stickers, they are very limited to the human body. This new generation of heating pad costs more but does not require an external power supply. It just needs to be fully charged, you can enjoy warmth and relieve physical pain.

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