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Super Suction Rechargeable Handheld Cordless Vacuum (JG211)
This cordless handheld vacuum cleaner has a powerful built-in brushless motor with a rotation speed of 85,000 PM per minute. There are two power modes of suction to meet various needs. Modes are adjustable and easy to switch; strong mode of 15,000Pa easily vacuums hair, tobacco residue, sand and gravel dust. Regular mode of 6000Pa easily sucks up snack crumbs, fruit seeds and nut shells. Perfect for keeping your daily life clean and tidy.

High-Density Lithium Battery 7500mAh
Three built-in 2500mAh batteries ensure a continuous and stable power supply as well as a long battery life when on standby mode. Regular mode (6kPa) battery life lasts for 35 minutes while the strong mode (15kPa) lasts for 8 minutes, enabling you to have a thorough and efficient clean of your sofa and other areas even while watching TV. Supports Type C charging; red light flashes to prompt charge, full fast charge in 2.5 hours.

Core Brushless Motor
 Using the core brushless motor, the handheld vacuum cleaner is high speed, fast and efficient.

Dual Filtration System
Primary filtration of the metal mesh outer layer isolates debris particles while the inner layer with a HEPA filter The efficiency of the dual filtration system is higher than 85%. Both filters are washable, please wipe it dry before using it.

Lightweight and Convenient
Wireless design, lightweight, 11.6" x 2.2" in size and 500g in weight. Comfortable single-hand operation, simple to clean, portable and easy to store. This is the ideal vacuum for cleaning cosmetic storage cases, bed seams, sofas and vehicle interiors.

Brush head*1,User manual*1,Vacuum cleaner *1,Long flat nozzle *1 ,Metal HEPA filter * 1, USB charging cable

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