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131℉/55℃ TEMPERATURE CONTROL SYSTEM-this mug warmer is designed to slow down S131℉/55℃ is best for drink! ) .
Suitable for tableware: metal, ceramic, enamel, tile, high temperature plastic, glassware etc…Flat bottom cup is better to keep warm

INTELLIGENT AUTO ON & OFF---Cup warmer pad control temperature through the micro induction, no need to shut down when you put the mug on automatic heat entering the constant temperature working state, remove the cup from the thermostat to the table top, the warmer heating pad will turn stop heating

SAFE & RELIABLE---Coffee warmer for desk use LOW power warm heating body made of waterproof tempered glass. Safe and easy to clean. Just plug in and put your mug on 3.14"diameter waterproof warming surface, then you can drink the warmer drink anytime. It has 16W low power heat focusing, continue warm and can use about 100 thousand hours

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