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Solar Crank dynamo flashlight radio (XLN-609)
  • Flashlight, radio, cell phone charging function at the same time one, outdoor (camping), home as one of the true meaning of environmental protection and energy saving products!
  • Ultra bright 12 LED reading lamp with switch to adjust the brightness and 180 degrees of freedom rotation to adjust the lighting direction. Rotate the switch clockwise to move bright, counterclockwise to dim
  • Flashlight: 3 high brightness LED lights
  • LED blubs will last more than 10,000hours
  • Sensitive FM radio with volume adjustment
  • Power generated by solar, crank dynamo and PC USB
  • Comes with USB cable with three plugs (Motorola V3 plug, Nokia 8210 plug and BlackBerry Bold 9700 plug)

Price: $79.99
You Save: $54.00
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