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Self Defense Siren with SOS LED Lights (SDW-RLKA05-SC)
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KEEP DANGER AWAY -Do you fear for jogging early in the morning or late at night? Are you worried of your teenager out at a party late or just talking a late-night stroll? Do you worry about your seniors from an accident? Then you need a self defense siren to protect them. With the siren who can call for help in time when encountering danger, and can also get time to escape.

PULL AND ALARM- The perfect defense siren to prevent kidnapping of young children and teenagers, easy to pull the pin, simple and convenient, and get the fastest help when in danger. No need to worry about the alarm being interrupted!

SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE- It can used by children when they are going home alone, by women who are outside at night or live alone, by seniors who are falling or suddenly unwell, by anyone encounters a personal threat, feels unsafe, or a medical emergency, they need a personal alarm! Great gift for parents, kids, lovers, friends. No monthly subscription!

POWERFUL AND EFFECTIVE DEFENSE -High intensity SOS strobe light that can be seen day or light.

EAR-PIERCING SIREN-120DB loud alarm can reach up to 900 ft. Military-Grade Durability, it can work normally in the rainy days of crisis.

MILITARY-GRADE DURABILITY-It is made of ultra-durability plastic, water resistant, it can work normally on the rainy days of crisis.

EASY TO CARRY AND USE -It is small and uniquely designed Just clip a free hook to backpacks, handbags, keys, purses, or belts. It is always on hand for you to pull the alarm in time when encounter danger.

Out of Stock

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