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Reusable Premium Silicone Food Storage Bag (SPI-FOODBAG1000/SPI-FOODBAG150)
ECO-FRIENDLY AND SAFE FOOD GRADE SILICONE: Made of premium food grade silicone. It does not contain any filler, coating, BPA, BPS, BPF, PVC, or any the chemicals which can be dangerous to your health and cause environment damage. 100% pure silicone is safe, healthy, eco-friendly, non-allergenic, on-reactive.

HEAT AND COLD RESISTANT: These silicone bag can withstand temperatures from -58°F ( -50° C) to 482°F (250°C), safely used in refrigerator, microwave oven, toaster, freezer, steamer, sous vide cooking, dishwasher and any other setting you can imagine!

HERMETIC SEAL AND LEAK-PROOF: Designed with an airtight seal, 100% leak-proof vacuum and zip-locked container, keep all your food and drink FRESH and antioxidant. Never again will your food be stale or go bad in a plastic bag. PERFECT for storing your food without the worry of any leaks or spills.

PERFECT FOR ALL KINDS OF FOOD/DRINK: Our durable and reusable bags are suitable for holding all kinds of hot or cold food and drink. PERFECT for storing sandwiches, meat, fish, soups, stews, milk, juices, snacks, fruits, and vegetables. It can be not only used in your kitchen, but also outdoor to keep your small items together, preventing them loss.

VERSATILE AND PRACTICAL – ASSORTED COLORS: red, blue, green, black are provided for selection. The back side of each bag has measuring scale to help track the volume added into the bag. Their slim, flexible design reduces the amount of storage space used in your fridge or freezer. They can easily fit in a backpack or bag for lunch at the office or cafeteria.

Set of 2: 1000ml and 1500ml

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