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Heat Shield Gloves ( NUV-5587-SC)
Don't get burned again!

The Heat Shield Glove is made with the same materials used in Fire Department Protective Suits and lets you handle hot or burning objects for long periods of time.

Its tough outer shell protects up to 480˚F and the double 100% cotton inner lining keeps you comfortable.

It's ideal for use around the kitchen, barbecue, campfire and even changing a light bulb. Stop using flimsy dishtowels or clumsy oven mitts that catch fire.

It won't catch fire, even if exposed to direct flame. You can wear the Heat Shield Glove on either hand to provide you with complete dexterity so you maintain proper 5-fingered grip at all times.

Machine Washable.
Includes one pair of Heat Shield Gloves.

Price: $24.99
You Save: $20.09
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