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Super Absorbent Diatomite Bath Mat (PJCMATCOMBO2)
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Super Absorbent and Quick-Drying-This diatomaceous earth bath mats are treated with special techniques, easy to dry than other small bathroom mats. Our quick dry bath mat can absorb water from your wet feet instantly, and the watermarks will disappear within a few seconds, also the water does NOT stay on the surface of bathmat.

Sleek Design- Natural diatomite material safe and practical with pleasant flavors of fresh earth. With a luxurious line decoration, the bathmat blend into your bathroom and adds a touch of elegance. Diatomaceous Earth Bath Mat could be a home decor with its stylish design.

Anti-Slip & Magic Feeling- The backing of bathroom floor mat provides excellent """"""""grip"""""""", reduce the risk of slips and falls, making it more comfortable for kids and the elderly to use it. You will get a fascinating experience to feel water being sucked away from your feet, make your bath or shower time safer.

Easy To Clean-dry quickly with water absorption. When cleaning, you only need to rinse with water and clean with a brush or sponge, which saves time and effort.

It is More Than a Bath Mat- A must have bathroom accessory to keep clean. Besides, it could also be used in the kitchen, on the bathtub side, in front of the wink or personal swimming pool. What is more, it could be a home d├ęcor with its sleek and stylish design.

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