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Quilt Holder Buckle Set (Set Of 6) White (SDT-QUILTB-SC)
Easy to use: easy to use and easy to install, just open the clip and insert the bed cover into the clip, then press the buckle and press the lock to lock it, press the unlock button, it will automatically up and open.

It is light in weight and will not add any weight to the quilt, which will bring you or yours. Comfortable sleep for the child.

Innovative needle-free design: different from ordinary sheet clips, our upgraded version of the needle-free bed cover adopts non-slip design, no traces, stronger friction, and can keep the bed cover, quilt or blanket in position all night without damaging the quilt , Reducing the trouble of sleeping and touching pressure.

Wide range of uses: This bed sheet hanger is suitable for all sizes of beds, very suitable for your bedroom or child’s nursery bed.

High-quality material: These bedsheet clips are made of ABS plastic, the elasticity can reach 180 degrees, is compact and durable, and can withstand a quilt with a thickness of 20 kg

Please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bj9RHB5mMRs for video demonstration

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