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Bed Sheet Holders (SDT-CORNERS-SC)
Adjustable Bed Sheet Holder Straps- Made of heavy duty wide elastic bands and sturdy metal clips, Adjustable lock making straps Fits different types of bed sheets including fitted sheets, flat sheets and mattress pads. Adjustable length allows desired tension.

High Quality- Elastic and nickel - plated clamps. The clamps have a plastic fabric protector so no damage to your sheet.

Triangle Design- Our bed sheet grippers have a triangle model design, 3- way triangle is more stable than other shape, which is more effective than the 2-clips version. They will hold your bed sheet tight all the time, it helps keep the sheet edge stay exactly where they are supposed to be.
ď‚·Easy installation- Fasten 3 clips at corner of your sheets, repeat above for all 4 corners and flip the fitted corner back down over the mattress, Adjusting the tension on the straps. They will grip your bed sheets firmly and keep your bed looks tidy at all times. Enhance your sleeping experience, no more loose sheets in the middle of the night!

Widely Applications-3 clip holder straps suitable using for fasten bed sheet, fitted sheets, flat sheets, mattress pads protector, sofa shield, tablecloth and chair, boat, car, motorcycle seat, ironing board covers and so on. Make your life easier.

Please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVNw9RWXoq0 for video demonstration.

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