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Ori-Back is a Portable Lumbar Support that makes you maintain a correct posture by just sitting comfortably. Developed from the ergonomic design based on the positioning theory. Supervised by a Japanese physical therapy clinic and a Korean oriental medicine doctor.

Anywhere, any time! A posture-correcting training starts now! Place this chair in any spots where you spend a lot of time resting or working such as car seat, office chair, sofa and bed. It’s also good for outdoor activities like fishing, picnic and driving etc.

Convenient to store move with back folding function

Detachable cushion is easy to remove and wash.

Lumbar Supporting Function-“Prevent Pelvis Twist”-When sit, the back of the chair will stay up due to the user’s weight. The chair naturally fits the users’ body. Supporting the lumbar and ensuring the right posture.

[Out of Stock]

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