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Reusable Magic Lids (Set of 6) - Blue/ White (SPI-LIDSETOF6-B/W)
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Features Specifications:

•Reusable & save:
Silicone Stretch Lids easy for using and cleaning, reusable and no need to repeatedly purchase expensive plastic wraps, and save money on food bills by storing scrumptious leftovers for another meal.

•100% BPA-free Silicone Material:
This silicone stretch lids are made of food grade silicone which is non-toxic and odorless, safe for touch with foods directly. This will be a perfect replacement for your long-lost container lids as well as convert any regular bowl to an on-the-go container.

•Compatibility & Stretch:
6 Size of the Silicone Stretch Lids, and reusable containers covers of good stretch to various sizes and shape of containers, such as bowls, plates, containers, mason jars, mugs or cans. Leak-proof design producing an air-tight seal to ensure food fresh.

This silicone stretch lids suitable for microwave ovens, dishwasher and refrigerators. Can be used to cover cooked food, fruit, salads, sauces, coffee, tea, juice, as well as half-cut melon, watermelon and etc.

•Easy To Use:
Dry the silicone stretch lids and the edge of container, then place half of the lids, stretch another side and pull the tab, finally pull the sides to ensure a perfect fits.

2.5 inch (stretch to 3.5 inch), 3.7 inch (stretch to 5 inch), 4.5 inch (stretch to 6 inch), 5.7 inch (stretch to 8 inch ), 6.5 inch(stretch to 9 inch), 8 inch (stretch to 11inch)

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