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Fabrikators Skrub'a Glove (FAB-AO8PO-BL/ FAB-AO8VE-BL/ FA)
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Approximately 50% of the vitamins in vegetables are located in their peels. Skrub'a Gloves clean the dirt and grime from your vegetables without removing all of those healthy vitamins.

The one-size-fits-all Danish-designed Skrub'a Gloves are hygienic and provide a great grip while cleaning potatoes, carrots, vegetables, and even fruit. When you're done, simply air dry them in the sink. Skrub'a Gloves can also be washed in the dishwasher for a superior clean.

Available in three colors: black (potato), orange (carrot) and green (veggies). Please note that the wording printed on the gloves is for convenience only. All Skrub'a Gloves feature the same cleaning properties.

Out of Stock

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