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  • Feet are highly stressed every day by your body weight, so they deserve extra care and relaxation.
  • Permanent magnetic spots help to regulate human bio-magnetic fields, balance circulation system and neural system so as to maintain and improve health
  • Aqua Gel Massage Insoles are filled with Glycerinum gel which moves slower than water and provides a subtle massaging sensation to each step.
  • Contoured indents guide the flow of gel, creating tiny waves that act like gentle springs for the feet. 1000 gauss magnet in each arch.
  • Breathable full length gel for cushioning, heel and forefoot gel drops for targeted shock absorption and firm gel in the arch to increase stability and support.
  • Fabric top cover for comfort.
  • The combination of glycerinum gel and magnetic therapy will provide you with long lasting comfort so you can take on the day.
  • Sizes: S/M (W 6-9, M 5-7)

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