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CABEAU - MobiLean 2 in 1 Cardholder & Phone Stand (FIL-ML0890)

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VERSATILE: Turn your cell phone into a multi-function tool. Easily store your credit cards and bills in the durable card holder and stay safe on the road with this hands-free car phone mount.

ON THE GO: Works with nearly any type of cell phone, yet the slim, solid design fits right in your pocket. So you can take your mini wallet and mini theater with your wherever.

HANDS-FREE: Enjoy hands-free viewing and a convenient place to store your cash, credit cards and IDís with the MobiLean. Press to open the built-in phone stand, for a hands-free viewing experience.

DURABLE: Made of high quality silicone to fit comfortably in your pocket as well as to absorb daily wear and tear the Cabeau MobiLean Mini Wallet and Phone Stand will hold up during all your tasks.

COMPACT: Measuring in at just over 2.3 inches x 5 cm, the Cabeau MobiLean Mini Wallet and Phone Stand can easily fit onto your phone with a slim design or portability and sleekness

[Out of Stock]

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