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Therapeutic Gel Beads-Neck Wrap Teal (W761103TL)

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  • For sore, stiff muscles! This soothing wrap relieves pressure and discomfort, particularly in the neck area.
  • Adjustable straps help to secure in place.
  • Experience soothing relief and long-lasting comfort with our new collection of hot and cold therapy!
  • Soft and flexible gel beads conform to the contours of your body for optimal coverage.
  • This innovative technology allows each item to be heated in the microwave for warmth, or chilled in the refrigerator for cold application.
  • Cold Use: Freeze at least 2 hours or chill in refrigerator until desired temperature is achieved.
  • Hot Use: Microwave for 30 seconds, making sure the weight inside is evenly distributed.
  • Size 7.5'' W x 5.25'' H x 1.75'' D

Out of Stock

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