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Magic Stone-Kitchen Cleaner (247305)
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  • 100% Ecological cleaning in the kitchen.
  • Does not contain chemical products
  • Long lasting material, no odour, non-toxic, powerful de-scaling characteristics and bacteriostatic (inhibits bacteria growth)
  • Eliminate grease and encrusted remnants on oven trays and in pans, bottoms of pots and skillets, burners and other difficult substances.
  • Double Action: Scrape and Polish.
  • Great for: Wood, Hard Stones, Iron, Porcelain or ceramic tiles, Health installation (bathroom, toilets, showers, etc. made of porcelain), and Enameled surfaces
  • Do not use on delicate surfaces. Although the Magic Stone can be used for steel products, consumers must be careful with stainless steel: scratches possible.
  • Country of Origin-Spain

Out of Stock

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