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Sistema Microwave Steamer (PSE-KLP1102)
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  • Made in New Zealand.

  • Containers are manufactured using

    • BPA free and leach free material

    • FDA approved material

    • 100% lead free virgin material.

  • Easy to create nutritious steamed meals, microwave plates for storing and reheating leftovers and a soup mug that is perfect for soup, noodles, etc.
  • Stackable, Freezer Safe, Microwave safe with vent open, Dishwasher Safe Top Rack only.
  • Serve your family an extra helping of health by steaming your vegetables, fish and poultry in the microwave.
  • Simply add water to the base container, place your food in the steaming colander, clip on the lid with the steam vent left open and zap in the microwave!
  • Capacity: 2.4 Litre/83.5 oz/10.1 cups
  • Dimension: 209*209*107mm

Out of Stock

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