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Stainless Steel Kitchen Tools (S9855)
Perfect your kitchen with the new six pieces of Stainless Steel Utensils set! This shining set of kitchen essentials, made with unique stylish shapes and polished surface will add beauty to any Grand Chefs personal tools! No more shopping around, these six pieces of steel utensils provide for most of the tasks needed in a kitchen, you won? ever need other tools for your cooking needs! With professional quality, these utensils are guaranteed to be durable for all indoor and outdoor uses. These kitchen utensils are not only light weight, but also as strong as any other kitchen products in the market! They are not only scratch resistant, but also rust proof, making them the tools fit to be used for a lifetime! Cleaning is a breeze, with these absolutely dishwasher safe utensils, just put it into your dishwasher, and they will be as shiny and clean as ever!

Price: $19.90
You Save: $1.99
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